Glorious Kentish Town

Stunning time-lapse video by graphic designer James Garman showing the upper end of Kentish Town Road transitioning from dusk to dark. The background on this is described better than I can in this Kentishtowner post. I LOVE this. My place is a few streets over to the right.

Welcome back baby

There is no other current artist for whom I have more respect or admiration than Adele. Her songwriting has the ability to articulate my deepest and innermost in a way that is effortlessly – brilliantly – simplistic. Her tone has such a buttery, delicious quality I could honestly listen to her all day. She is a stone.… More Welcome back baby

Jumbo bride

I imagine most brides spend the months leading up to their wedding dutifully upping their beauty and self-care regimes, watching what they eat and being generally good to themselves in an attempt to ensure they’re their most beautiful on the most photographed day of their entire lives. I spent the months leading up to my… More Jumbo bride

You’re no longer ‘unlucky in love’ so we’ll call you fat instead…

Originally posted on Lily Lovett :
Shame on you Daily Mail. An extremely successful and talented woman is objectified and shamed for ‘relaxing her diet on honeymoon’ by a paper full of journalists that make numerous spelling and grammar mistakes on a daily basis. This is the same paper that will berate the modelling industry for causing eating…

The Gipsy Queen

With our first baby – The Grafton – well and truly grown up, Joel and I had been looking for another project to get stuck into for a while. My brother Aidan, who’s been working with us from day one, really needed a new challenge and was being completely crippled by London rents, so a new… More The Gipsy Queen