Welcome back baby

There is no other current artist for whom I have more respect or admiration than Adele. Her songwriting has the ability to articulate the deepest and innermost of so many of us, in a way that is effortlessly – brilliantly – simplistic. Her tone has such a buttery, delicious quality I could honestly listen to her… More Welcome back baby

Jumbo bride

I imagine most brides spend the months leading up to their wedding dutifully upping their beauty and self-care regimes, watching what they eat and being generally good to themselves in an attempt to ensure they’re their most beautiful on the most photographed day of their entire lives. I spent the months leading up to my… More Jumbo bride

You’re no longer ‘unlucky in love’ so we’ll call you fat instead…

Originally posted on Lily Lovett :
Shame on you Daily Mail. An extremely successful and talented woman is objectified and shamed for ‘relaxing her diet on honeymoon’ by a paper full of journalists that make numerous spelling and grammar mistakes on a daily basis. This is the same paper that will berate the modelling industry for causing eating…

The Gipsy Queen

With our first baby – The Grafton – well and truly grown up, Joel and I had been looking for another project to get stuck into for a while. My brother Aidan, who’s been working with us from day one, really needed a new challenge and was being completely crippled by London rents, so a new… More The Gipsy Queen

Silly Season

I noticed it has been a couple of, er, years (years?) since my last blog post so thought I’d venture back into the realm of writing things down. Here goes… So in what I’m pretty sure will live on as the most ludicrously stressful three months OF MY ENTIRE LIFE, I went through some fairly life-changing projects… More Silly Season