So I opened a pub…

My partner and I bought a filthy run down boozer in North London a few months ago. It was the kind of place that most people were too scared to venture into, where a pint only cost £2.50, but left you sick as a dog; where mice and ants and mould and slime were at home, but barely a human soul dared to go. We rolled up our sleeves, we got dirty, sweaty and exhausted, we got a little help from our friends and from clever people with skills we don’t have and, eventually, we turned it into this…

Photography: Philip J Mitchell

I am a little sad to leave music behind me, but this new venture makes me so very proud and excited for the future! My songs will always be there and I’ll write more one day I’m sure. Check out the website to see all the exciting things we’re doing in Kentish Town and I do hope some of you will visit soon


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Judy says:

    Don’t leave music behind… run an open mic night! 😉

  2. Karen King-Wilson says:

    Well, my darling, you’re still giving people a great night out….just in a different way. Your music will always be there when you’re ready to go back to it. xx

  3. good luck – place looks fab, my bro lives just around the corner, will pop in for some beer soon!

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