Silly Season

I noticed it has been a couple of, er, years (years?) since my last blog post so thought I’d venture back into the realm of writing things down. Here goes…

So in what I’m pretty sure will live on as the most ludicrously stressful three months OF MY ENTIRE LIFE, I went through some fairly life-changing projects between April and June this year:

  1. Renovating and launching a new pub business
  2. Gutting, redesigning and renovating our first home
  3. Planning and executing a (slightly extravagant, I must admit) wedding 180miles away from where we live

I wholeheartedly do not recommend this.

And whilst I feel blessed to be in a position to be doing such things, doing them all at the same time reduced me to a babbling, psychotic wreck. I never knew stress could be so.. physical. At this point I would just like to publicly apologise to basically everyone I came into contact with during those three months; most notably my mum, dad, brother, husband and all the lovely people who work for me. It was a mental time and, lets face it, I was mental.

But looking back, there were some pretty awesome achievements in there which I’m really proud of.

Over the next few posts I’d like to share a bit of the journey through each one with you, starting with project no. 1: The Gipsy Queen.

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