You’re no longer ‘unlucky in love’ so we’ll call you fat instead…

Lily Lovett

Jennifer AnistonShame on you Daily Mail. An extremely successful and talented woman is objectified and shamed for ‘relaxing her diet on honeymoon’ by a paper full of journalists that make numerous spelling and grammar mistakes on a daily basis. This is the same paper that will berate the modelling industry for causing eating disorders among young girls, failing to see their intrinsic involvement in the debilitating outcome.

Until we put an end to the constant attack on women for their appearance, not managing to be a stay-at-home mum and full on career woman AT THE SAME TIME, nipping out for a paper sans make-up, wearing too much make-up, looking older, having surgery to prevent looking older…we shall fail to be a healthy, happy society. This constant scrutiny and criticism fuels so many wide spread issues.

Since Jennifer Aniston got hitched and therefore put an end to all of the patronising stories surrounding her ‘unsuccesful love life’ (just forget…

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