Renovating The Nest – Kitchen

In a year that featured a number of landmark life events, 2015 was when Joel and I finally took a step onto the property ladder. On only our second property viewing, we knew we’d found our nest. A lovely – albeit unloved – flat in a converted Victorian terrace in Kentish Town. Having lived in the area for 3 years we already considered it home, but with property prices sky high we assumed we couldn’t afford to stay. Thanks to this place being a bit grotty though, we got lucky and scooped a total bargain.

The flat not only needed a lot of love but also bit of re-jigging to create the perfect layout and offer up the second bedroom we’d hoped for but definitely couldn’t afford. The best thing about completely redoing the whole space meant I could scratch my interior design itch. Pinterest became my universe and I spent every spare minute sketching out ideas for our dream home. I do so bloody love a project.

So here’s the lowdown on the journey the most important room in the house took from unloved to lovely; The Kitchen.

List of main jobs and suppliers after photos.

001 kitchen a before
Kitchen from dining room before
001 kitchen b after
Kitchen from dining room now
002 kitchen a before
Kitchen from the lounge before
002 kitchen b after
Kitchen from the lounge now
004 kitchen a before
Kitchen from dining room before
004 kitchen b after 1
Kitchen rom dining room now
004 kitchen b after 2
Kitchen from dining room now
Kitchen floor.jpg
Kitchen floor

What we did:

  • Removed old kitchen
  • Removed old hot water tank
  • Removed render from chimney breast to reveal original brickwork
  • Added insulation to ceiling and interior walls
  • Re-plastered
  • Installed new kitchen featuring dishwasher, washing machine, fridge-freezer, enamel butler sink, oak worktops & open shelving
  • Installed down lighting & underfloor heating
  • Re-tiled floor with victorian style chequered tiles
  • Commissioned bespoke industrial metal shelving unit

As keen cooks, we wanted a very user-friendly kitchen with everything you use often easy to hand, hence the very open nature of the kitchen. Utensils are hung from hooks on the brick wall around the cooker and open shelving allows easy access to regularly-used ingredients. Shoes have always been littered around our house cluttering up the floor, so we integrated a raked shoe shelf at the bottom of our bespoke metal shelving unit so they can be stowed neatly away. We had the metal frame commissioned by a metal fabricator that we’ve used a lot for our pubs. We then bought scaffolding boards which we sanded and lightly stained ourselves to slot into place for the shelves. I wanted to incorporate some Victorian features as a nod to the history of the building, so the chequered Victorian-syle tiled floor fit the bill perfectly.


Here’s my Pinterest board for the flat redesign. Some of these pins actually feature in the finished article such as the French ceramic pendants, mid century dining set, petit paris pendant, prismatic bedside spotlights and the sofa. More on the rest of the flat still to come…


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