Single launch picUntil the age of 30, I was a singer and songwriter. My debut album was released on Valentines Day 2012 and is available on iTunes, Amazon or can be streamed on Spotify. You can see a video of the making of the album here, accompanied by its title track Here and Now. My acoustic video mini-series Audience Of One is also available to watch on this site as well a collection of recordings entitled Songs From The Archives, should you wish to have a listen.

As much as I loved my journey in music, turning 30 brought me to the realisation my potential had been fulfilled, so it was then I hung up my guitar and mic for good.

Susie Clarke promo picMy boyfriend, now husband, Joel was looking for a career move around the same time. The pub industry was something we’d both been involved in before so it made sense for us to pursue that together. See our interview in Kentishtowner for more on this, but in brief; we moved to Kentish Town in 2012 to take on a dilapidated old pub that we renovated and reopened. After 5 years, and the addition of a second pub along the way, we felt it was time for yet another new journey in life, so we sold up and embarked on a year of self-improvement, travel, spending quality time with our loved ones and enjoying our little home in London.

DSC_0147Career-wise, I now indulge my passions for music, interior design, hospitality, graphic design and entrepreneurship as a freelancer. https://susie073.wixsite.com/susieclarkedesign

Personally, I’m on a quest for health, happiness, fulfillment and ultimately, balance.

So the Susie Clarke website has evolved over the years from artist site to personal blog. Nowadays it’s where I now post little snippets of life as and when the mood takes me. If you’re reading, well thank you, I’m truly honoured.

Susie x

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