Silly Season

I noticed it has been a couple of, er, years (years?) since my last blog post so thought I’d venture back into the realm of writing things down. Here goes… So in what I’m pretty sure will live on as the most ludicrously stressful three months OF MY ENTIRE LIFE, I went through some fairly life-changing projects…

So I opened a pub…

My partner and I bought a filthy run down boozer in North London a few months ago. It was the kind of place that most people were too scared to venture into, where a pint only cost £2.50, but left you sick as a dog; where mice and ants and mould and slime were at…

SECRET CINEMA. Tell no one.

Secret Cinema is shrouded in mystery. Once registered, all you discover is a location, a date and time, a password and a dress code. You can expect to see a film, but unless the dress code is enough to give the game away, you’ve no idea which. You must tell no one. As if all…

Audience Of One- Episode 2 ‘Sing For Me’

Video series entitled ‘Audience Of One’ filmed late at night in a deserted recording hall at Surrey University. This one was a performance of my debut single, Sing For Me. Filmed at Surrey University PATS studio 1, audio track recorded by Hush P Download the single from iTunes

Fashion Against Aids

H&M is collecting kisses in aid of Fashion Against Aids. $1 will be donated for every picture uploaded. Click here to upload your kiss and see the gallery.

Audience of One’ – Episode 1 my acoustic cover of U2’s ‘With Or Without You’

Video series entitled ‘Audience Of One’ filmed late at night in a deserted recording hall at Surrey University. This one is my version of U2’s With Or Without You. Apologies in advance to U2 purists who will probably loathe the interpretation! Hope some of you enjoy. Much love x

This is an acoustic cover of U2’s With Or Without You by Susie Clarke.

Filmed at Surrey University PATS studio 1, audio tracks (where applicable) recorded by Hush P

Inspirational Women….Book Teaser

A lovely lady by the name of Lesley Spiers is penning a book on Inspirational Women, which I *blushes* shall be featured in. Please check out her blog for a little teaser: Inspirational Women….Book Teaser.

Come Dine With Me

Nope, I’m not taking part in the show (I don’t think I could bear the character assassination at the hands of Dave Lamb) but rather paying homage to it by doing a friendly, albeit healthily competitive, version of our own just between friends. There are eight of us taking part and this week my boyfriend…

Latest love

I’ve jumped up an down a lot over the last few months about how much I adore this perfect song by Gotye. This cover is worthy of *love*

New site!

Hello boys & girls, how are you all? Welcome to my brand new shiny site! Have a look around, tell me what you think and let me know if there are any additional features you’d like to see. I’ll do my very best to add stuff you really want. There’s plenty to browse around for…